I have always enjoyed working with Elicia. She is knowledgeable on a variety of topics, engaging and entertaining. I recommend her as a competent and dependable trainer.
— dr. Robert Schoenberg

Youth workshops

These interactive, honest, and fun workshops are designed for youth between the ages of 12-18. Each workshop listed can be tailored to fit within the time requirements of your school class or after-school program. Topic you need covered not listed? Contact me and we will discuss what workshop(s) would best meet the needs of youth in your school/program.

Sliding scale fees. Contact me to discuss how I can best support your group within your budget.


gender and sexuality, 101

This workshop is for all genders and will help youth learn the differences between their gender, sexual orientation, sex (biology), and gender expression. Youth will use the highly effective and simple to understand The Gender Unicorn tool to learn about "letter soup" (LGBT), identify people from pop culture who represent different sexualities and genders, and discuss how to create a safe and affirming space for all youth.  


It's my period, period!

This workshop is designed for youth who have or will have a menstrual period. Youth will talk about messages they have received about periods (the good, the bad, the ugly), learn about the "mechanics" of menstruation and ovulation, and discuss ALL menstrual products - focusing especially on body-safe, non-carcinogenic options (like Thinx, Diva Cup, Lola and more!). *This workshop can be tailored for adults, too!


media, social media, and me

This workshop is for all genders (though can be tailored for single-gender groups) and will lead youth through an exploration of the role media plays on confidence, self-esteem, and self-development. Youth will talk about social media and learn about pro's and con's of "Likes," being "Instafamous," and "sexting." Youth will learn how to be smart about media consumption and social media usage. 



This workshop is ideal for youth who have vulvas and is adapted from the Adult Workshop listed above. 


sexual and reproductive justice, 101

This workshop is for all genders. Youth will learn about various laws and policies in their City, State, and U.S. that deal with sexual and reproductive health, such as: comprehensive sex ed, bathroom laws, reproductive justice, and "menstrual equity." For example, as of March, 2016, only 24 states mandated that comprehensive sexuality education be taught (despite the numerous short- and long-term benefits.) Youth will learn from other cities about how youth just like them united and fought for sexual and reproductive justice.