It felt really good that Elicia understood what we do and the challenges. She modelled inclusiveness…she was present for and appreciative of all of us.
— training participant


  • Work in a school where sexual health and wellness efforts are missing or medically inaccurate? Do you worry that school officials lack resources to ensure all youth, regardless of sexual orientation/gender identity are safe and affirmed?
  • Work in a community-based organization that needs more support in dealing with clients' sexual health and wellness? Do you want your work space to be safe and affirming for all clients and colleagues alike?
  • Own or work at a company and want to ensure your employees/colleagues are free from discrimination at the workplace?

If you answered YES to any of the above, I am here to help!

I provide professional development for groups large and small. I can provide one of the trainings below or work with you to tailor the training(s) to suit your needs. 


gender and sexuality, 101

This interactive training covers the basics about the differences between gender identity, sexual orientation, and sex. Participants will learn about "letter soup" (LGBT), accurate and affirming terminology, and will engage in dialogue about how to create a safe space for students, clients, and coworkers. This highly interactive workshop works best for groups between 8-20 people.


follow the law (if not your heart)

Ideally, everyone we work with or go to school with would recognize the value of differences, honor one another's lived experiences, and treat one another with kindness and compassion. When this won't work, we sometimes have laws and policies to give people that little nudge. This training presents existing laws and non-discrimination policies for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Learn "best practices" to avoid unintentionally discriminating against someone for their sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, etc. Together we will explore your school, organization, corporation's policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance. 


enhancing LGBT Cultural literacy

Do you work with people? Then you work with people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. If you think you do NOT, then I would ask you to consider what it is about your school/work environment that prevents LGBT individuals from being "out" and able to express their true selves. This workshop goes more in-depth than Gender and Sexuality 101 and discusses how to create a safe and affirming school/workplace. We will discuss "What If" scenarios ("What if my client tells me he wants to transition?" "What if I see a girl walking into the boys' locker room?" "What if I overhear my boss tell my pregnant co-worker that has to take a drug test before returning to work?") so you can feel confident in implementing laws and policies, while create a welcoming space for everyone.


Fees: Initial consultation: Free. Training: $300/hour, up to 20 people; $20 per person over 20. Evaluation: $75/hour.