Elicia can easily adapt her communication to different audiences, having an implicit understanding of the need for cultural competency and a ton of practice navigating a variety of populations. She is highly organized, reliable, timely, and an incredibly hard worker. All this to focus on the process of getting things done, but it glosses over the best part of working with Elicia, which is that she’s a ridiculously fun human being to be around with an incredible positive, but relatable energy.
— dr. timaree schmit


I believe my purpose in life is to support individuals and communities to be sexually healthy and whole. Why? Because only certain people are allowed to be sexual, to have access to sexual and reproductive health, to seek pleasure. Our patriarchal, heteronormative, consumerist society forces some people to the margins, claiming we are "not enough" while pathologizing our sexuality. Comprehensive sex education is lacking, if not all together absent. Much of it narrowly focuses on disease/pregnancy prevention, "risk," and menstruation - all through a heterosexual lens. Young people grow into adults who are unskilled at navigating their own sexuality or educating children or young people about sex.  


we need healing

My hope is to help people first unlearn all they have ingested. Reprogramming involves nourishment, guidance, support, celebration, and pleasure. Sex is so much more than intercourse and procreation. It's about feeling: comfortable in one's skin, affirmed in one's gender, confident in one's decisions, validated for one's sexual desires.

Sex can be physical, intimate, spiritual, essential, and transformative

Only when a person sees their true beauty, celebrates their body, maintains agency over their sexual decisions, and embraces their sexual desire will they find inner peace and happiness. A sexually healthy and whole person is essential to a strong, vibrant, and joyful community.  

I dedicate my life to enacting this vision. And... 

As a queer Latinx, I honor and value people of all genders and sexualities. As a cis-gender woman, I assert my primary area of expertise pertains to girls and women. I believe that people from the represented community are the best people to speak about their lived experiences. I will happily refer you to any number of skilled and talented experts in my network who are better equipped to deal with communities other than cis-gender girls and women.