In a culture that would rather not talk about sex, Elicia is unapologetic to talk frankly about sex in a way that creates space for others to be bolder.
— Worskhop participant

These highly interactive workshops are designed for groups of six or more people. Perfect for the woman who wants her and her girlfriends to be sexually healthy and happy! Each of my workshops lasts about one hour and is offered through My Secret Soiree. Fees vary. Click HERE to inquire today!


all the TOYS 101:

What would happen if more people embraced sex toys as an exciting, integral part of their sexual play? More connected, satisfying sex and pleasure! But where to start? In All the Toys 101, we take toy myths down one by one and focus on safer toy use. This workshop goes on to introduce all the different types of sex toys – and helps match you with your perfect toy – whether you are a beginner or advanced user.



Everyone wants a fuller, more fulfilling sexual experience. Discover new ways to enjoy full-body foreplay and engage your most important sex organ – your brain. From massage to dirty talk, participants will explore the whys and hows of arousal – and how to fan that spark into a flame!



Orgasm. We all want one — or more than one, but how do we get it, and what is an orgasm anyway? In this interactive workshop, we explore “The Big O” and how to make it happen – better, stronger and more often – for you and your partner.  With special attention to the science behind how we climax, workshop attendees will discover different types of orgasms and how to approach orgasmic challenges.



We spend countless hours worrying, planning, daydreaming about how to please others. But what about self-love and pleasing ourselves? This intensive workshop will guide you through reflective exercises to uncover what has been keeping you from lovin' on yourself. We will discuss creating daily affirmation, learn ways to explore your body, and share ways to achieve maximum self-pleasure.  *Option to participate in Mirror, Mirror activity to explore your body, including genitalia.



This workshop is intended for people with vulvas who want a more in-depth review of all of their bells and whistles. Most of us never learned about our anatomy in sex ed class (IF we were lucky enough to even HAVE sex ed!) And often, media paints a picture of our bodies as though we all (should) look alike. We will explore different messages we received over our lifetimes about our anatomy. This fun workshop will also allow you to identify names for each and every part of your genitalia, get you coloring pages of various vulvas (from Cunt Coloring Book), and "name" your own vulva using a powerful word (or song/movie title, superhero, etc.). *Option to participate in Mirror, Mirror activity to explore your body, including genitalia.